Characters Counter Tool

When I was going through one of my fellow blogger posts, I came across an amazing characters counter tool  that he designed for his readers.

I also thought that I always have to surf the internet for counting characters for my posts titles so why don't I make my own? and when I realized it's not that difficult to make your own tool then I designed this characters counter tool using JavaScript.

I find the tool much useful and handy that will surely help you make sure that your post titles don't get cut off in SERP.

Some of you who are newbies might not know that while writing post titles their characters are limited to 65 characters maximum. Why? It's because when we search on GOOGLE then it shows a relevant result page and on the page we are only shown 65 characters maximum for the post titles. So next time you write a post title, use our characters counter tool to make sure your post title doesn't exceed 65 characters.

This tool is very easy to use. Just write your words in the box below and click on the button Count Characters. If you want the same tool for your blog or website then I can surely give it to you. For that you have to subscribe to this blog and comment in the section below and I will throw the code right away in your inboxes!


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