WordPress vs Blogger - Which One Should You Start With?

WordPress vs Blogger - Which One Should You Start With?

Are you still wondering which blogging platform should you use to get started with? No doubt the war has always been between the biggest blogging platforms: Blogger vs WordPress. In this article I'm going to clear your confusions and tell you which platform you should start with!

I will cover all pros and cons whether it's for WordPress.com, WordPress.org or Blogger. Please note that Blogger is sometimes called Blogspot and there is not any difference between them. Type Blogger.com or Blogspot.com in your web browser and you will get to the same site!

Now let me put some light on each platform one by one and help you understand them better but before that watch this video to know what Matt Cutts (Former Head of Web Spam team at Google) says over Blogger & WordPress,

Blogger (Pros and Cons):

Blogger or Blogspot is a free blog publishing service offered by Google. With Blogger you get free hosting and a sub-domain of .blogspot but you can easily setup your custom domain later. Blogger is the best option if you don't need any advanced plugins and options for your blogging career.

A lot of people say that if you are starting a blog for making money then never start with Blogger. That's wrong! I can show you a Pakistani Blogger who started his blog on Blogger.com and still earning money. We also created this blog on Blogger.com. If you want to start a blog at no cost then Blogger is the best idea because you don't have to do any kind of investment except for buying a custom domain instead you earn.

... always purchase a custom domain if you need to be a professional. It will only cost you few dollars.  By default Blogger does provide some themes but they aren't very professional so you can create your own or purchase one if you want to. 

When it comes to optimization Blogger is the worst unless you optimize it yourself. You can check out our tutorials to better optimize your Blogger theme and then you are good to go! On Blogger, you don't really own your blog and Google can shut it down whenever it wants if you don't comply with their terms and services.


WordPress.com (Pros & Cons): 

WordPress.com is also a free blog creating platform owned by Automattic. Automattic was founded in August 2005. Just like Blogger, WordPress.com also provides free hosting and a sub-domain of .wordpress and you can also setup your custom domain later on (but you will have to get a paid personal plan for that).

Unlike Blogger, with WordPress.com you get limited hosting and if you want to access more then you need to pay them for that. WordPress.com (free) version doesn't really good because you can't install plugins, you can't upload custom themes, you can't setup custom domain name and you can't monetize your site.

Blogger dominates here because all these features are offered by Blogger for free plus you can also monetize it. You do get some professional themes with free version on WordPress.com but use it only if you want to share your thoughts. You can't make money from it. Plus your visitors will get to see default WordPress.com ads on your blog. That's annoying!

WordPress.org (Pros & Cons):

WordPress.org is an open source free software powered by WordPress itself. It's a self-hosted system. You can download it from their site and it's need to be installed on your web server. So now you will just need to buy a custom domain and hosting then your blog is ready to go live.

WordPress.org is the best option if you can invest a little money on your web hosting and custom domain because this is the most professional blogging platform. With WordPress.org you will be able to access almost all features that any professional blogger needs. You will be able to upload custom themes as much as you can, you will be able to install free unlimited plugins and themes as well, you could monetize your site and much more.

You will actually own your blog because it's a free open source software. You own all your data but when it comes to security only you will be responsible for it and backups!

WordPress vs Blogger - Which One Should You Start With?

 Now let's see this detailed chart below that I designed for all of you to understand better!

WordPress vs Blogger - Which One Should You Start With?


We hope this WordPress vs Blogger comparison helped you understand the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision for your business. If you intend to use this chart on your sites then don't forget to give us credits!

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