What is a Blog and How to create a Blog?

What is a Blog and How to create a Blog?

There are a hell lot of people who might have heard the term "Blog" but they aren't really aware of it. So this article is going to be a descriptive one and in this article I'll not only be elaborating the term "Blog" but I will also tell you how you can launch your own blog?

In the past few years blogging has become the bread and butter for millions of people over the cyberspace. So if you are thinking of starting a blog then you must know that you not only build audience through your blog, you also make money from it.

Blogging demands time but once your blog is established, it's just like a money making machine. You sleep while you earn. But this article isn't about making money through your blog. So let's dive into our main topic.

What is a Blog?

Blog is nothing but an Online Notebook Diary. The only difference between a normal diary and blog is that a blog runs over the internet and accessible to billions of people publicly. The question is what do you write in a diary?

Everything that you like and you are good at. For example some people would write fairy tales while some would write poetries but the problem is only a few people might be able to read that diary. So that's why people launch their blogs and millions of people could read what they write.

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Though there is a difference between a blog and website but I will cover that later in my upcoming post.

An article that you write on your blog is called a blog post. While writing your blog post generally consider as if you are talking to a stranger and it's totally up to you how you convey your message. As if the other person understands and learn from it.

This is what Wikipedia says about a blog,

Blog is another word for weblog. A weblog is a website that is like a diary or journal. Most people can create a blog and then write on that blog. Bloggers (a word for people who write on blogs) often write about their opinions and thoughts. 

I'm sure this might have cleared your conception about a blog but still you can watch this illustrative video below:

Now let's see few of the blogs that generates thousands of dollars a day and have huge following:


Mashable is one of the biggest blogs in the world that covers variety of topics like technology, entertainment, culture, science, social media, celebs. It gets millions of visits per day!


TechCrunch is also a huge blog that covers almost same topics as of mashable. TechCrunch has an alexa rank of 3131 which means only 3131 websites are better than it all over the world. 

Why should you create a Blog?

I have already told you everything about a blog and I've also told you that you can make your blog a money making machine. Now it's up to you how you establish your blog.

On the other hand, you build an online audience and with the passage of time, you could become a celebrity. People will start following you and you will earn respect in the eyes of thousands of people. If you want to be an online entrepreneur then starting your online business through your blog would be the best option. 

You will make new friends in the blogosphere but above all you will learn new things. Just like me, when I need to write a tutorial on this blog, first I do a research, then I learn it and then I teach. So having a well-established online blog could be a nightmare for lots of people.

How to create a Blog?

Starting your online blog is absolutely free. Blogger.com and WordPress.com are biggest blog creating platforms that allow free hosting for your fresh blogs. But I personally prefer Blogger.com and I have created this blog on Blogger.com. I didn't pay any single dollar to create this but instead I'm getting benefit from it.

Now let's see how you can create your own blog on Blogger.com:
  • Visit Blogger.com in your browser and register with your Google account.
  • Login through that account and click on New Blog
  • You will see a page just like below. Here enter your Blog title, choose a domain name and theme. By default Blogger will give you free domain. You can add custom domain later. Now click on Create Blog

What is a Blog and How to create a Blog?

  • After clicking that button you have successfully launched your free blog. Now you're able to publish your articles!
  • On your Blogger backend, this is your Dashboard, click on Posts
  • Now you can publish an article by clicking on New Post

  • You can also change your theme layout by clicking on Layout
What is a Blog and How to create a Blog?



Enough for today! So now you know what a blog is and how you can create and launch your free blog. I have tried my best to convey as simple as I could but if you still have any queries, comment below.😃

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