5 Crucial Differences Between a Blog and Website (Explained)

5 Crucial Differences Between a Blog and Website (Explained)
Many people own blogs while many people own websites. People who own blogs and websites are generally called bloggers or webmasters. Now the issue is what is the difference between a blog and a website? In this article I will explain 5 crucial differences between a blog and a website!

... my previous post explains what a blog is and how you can create your own blog! So make sure you check that out as well. Now let's have a look on major differences between a blog and a website.

A blog is a basically short form of "weblog". Initially the term weblog was used which later became ‘we blog’, and then just ‘blog’. As the name suggests any site on web is called a website.
"All apples are fruits but all fruits are not apples!
 All blogs are websites but all websites are not Blogs!

I know this might have confused you all. Don't worry I will tell you why but let me dive into the  major differences first!

Blog vs Website!

1. A blog provides commenting system:

I personally believe that website provides service while blog provides content but one of the most crucial difference between a blog and a website is that a blog provides a commenting system while website doesn't.

5 Crucial Differences Between a Blog and Website (Explained)
People that comes to your blog intentionally or unintentionally read your content, and then they comment if they want but when it comes to a website then you don't get such kind of option because website does nothing but provides service. 

If you are interested in their service you directly contact them through the contact form and that's it. On blog, you get to see a comment form specifically for giving the feedback whatever you like!

2. Blog is updated with articles:

Most important thing about blogs is that a blog is regularly updated with articles. Just like a columnist writes columns in newspapers, a blogger writes articles for his blog. A blogger is responsible for updating his blog.
5 Crucial Differences Between a Blog and Website (Explained)
Let's say you own a technology blog. Then you will need to update it almost every day because everybody wants to get updated with the latest technology. The more you write, the more you get unique visitors to your blog. It's just like that!

3. You can subscribe to a blog newsletter:

5 Crucial Differences Between a Blog and Website (Explained)A subscription form that you see on the sidebar of most of the blogs. That's what a newsletter is. You subscribe to it by providing your email and whenever a blog owner publishes a new article. You get an email straight to your inbox.

For this purpose bloggers use different email delivery services like feedburner, mailchimp and awber to send email notifications to their subscribers. 

4. A blog can be managed by a single author:

When launching your website, you need a big team to manage it because generally a website provides services and to meet the customer needs, you will need to have a huge team. A single man can't do the job.

But when it comes to blog, you don't need a huge team. Only you can create a blog and make it successful. Though a blog can have more than one author. I launched this blog all alone and I regularly update it myself!


5. Blog posts are organized by categories!

While writing a post you assign specific labels to your posts that are related to it and when reader searches for a particular category on your blog, all the posts that belong to that category are fetched. 

This is also a great difference between a blog and website. You won't find such cloud categories on a website. Tags help bloggers to categorize their blog posts!

Blogs are Mashable, TechCrunch, Buzfeed and ShoutMeLoud!

Websites are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google!
That's it for now. Hope to see you in the next article. If you like our tutorials then subscribe to our blog to get yourselves updated with our new articles! If you need to start your free blog, create your account on Blogger.com and WordPress.com 😃

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