Learn Three Stages to Become a Pro-Blogger With Infographics

Learn Three Stages to Become Pro-Blogger

You would have seen a a lot of people saying that 'We Are Bloggers' but only a few of them ever succeeded in their blogging career. This article is going to be more focused on three learning stages that can help you become a Pro-Blogger. Days gone by when you could make your career as a professional blogger very easily because competition is becoming tougher and tougher these days. People who now have well established blogging careers, would have started SEO 10 years ago or may be earlier. Neil Patel who according to Forbes is one of the top 10 marketers, started SEO and launched his first website when he was 16. He is now New York Times best selling author!

How to become a Pro-Blogger?

Would that becoming a pro-blogger or a professional blogger was that easy! I am sure this small yet powerful 'phrase' wouldn't have disappointed you because if you are going to apply this formula then you would find every single hurdle in your career as a trial. I call it PHD (Patience, Hard Work and Dedication) If you can't follow this formula then I'm afraid my friend blogging is not for you! 

The three stages that we are going to discuss in this post are the stages that you can apply and kick-start your career as a Professional Blogger. Blogging is very much closely related to the word SEO, if you want to become a pro-blogger then you need to learn SEO in this way you will turn out to be an SEO consultant.

Top SEO consultants like Matt Cutts who is a head of Web Spam team at Google, you can follow them to learn new SEO tricks and tips to stay on the top of biggest search engine Google's search results page! Now let's discuss the three stages to become a Pro-blogger with Infographics.

Stage#1 (Duration: 6 Months)

Stage '1' is the earliest stage of blogging as a newbie or any other beginner who just started his blog and learning things to get start. In this stage you have zero or no visitors to your blog. The biggest blunder that people make is think that they will put ads on their blog right now and in the next few days, they will be earning a good revenue through their blog. Never ever do that! 

Learn Three Stages to Become Pro-Blogger

This stage lasts for Six Months so the first thing you have to do is forget Adsense or any other ads publishing site for your blog for six months. But why forget for six months? The reason, it's Google Adsense policy that they won't qualify your blog if it's not older than six months.

Till then, learn and try to master every single thing that is related to blogging. HTML, CSS can enhance your web development skills. Try W3Schools for that and if you started your blog on Blogger then you can give simple tweaks to your blog after learning. Most of all learn Search Engine Optimization, because only SEO can help you get great search rankings.

Post at least a 500 words post daily. Publish Unique, Quality posts only. I repeat Unique, Quality posts and never publish a post without doing proper keyword research. Try to figure out what keywords your competitors are ranking for. This is going to be fun only if you are willing to do that.

Stage#2: (Duration: 6 Months)

This stage is the middle stage and in this stage you have at least 500 daily unique visitors to your blog. Now you can apply for Google Adsense and put ads on your blog. If you have some visitors coming to your blog only then publishers would be interested to put their ads. So increase visitors first then think about earning.

This stage lasts for six more months and in this stage give more value to readership and forget about earning. Use different link building techniques like guest posting, infographics and broken link-building to get higher PA and DA that are page authority and domain authority for your blog. Work on your Alexa Rank by just fixing your posting time. Get enough rich backlinks to get higher search rankings on Google!


At this stage, you are not a newbie anymore and you have become a Pro-blogger now. You will have at least 1000 unique visitors daily to your blog. Increase the subscribers for your blog and most of all increase your RSS subscribers. Only Google Adsense won't help you earn more money so use Affiliate Marketing , BuySellAds and other earning ways to increase your revenue. For affiliate marketing Amazon Affiliate Program is the best. Just generate code and post it on your blog. Let me tell you the fundamental skills that a professional blogger should have:
  • Writing
  • Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  •  Humility
  • Patience

Follow above three stages and they will surely help you as a blogger. Now want all of three stages in steps? Let's have a look at a simple but very helpful Infographics that I designed for all of you. All rights belong to topearningboy.

Learn Three Stages to Become Pro-Blogger

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