How To Earn Bitcoin Without Investment in Pakistan (2018)

Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan 2018

Bitcoin is a CryptoCurrency i.e a digital currency unlike Dollars, Rupees, Euros etc that you can't touch or see with your naked eye but it exists digitally in your bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin is basically a belief like people used to trade goods by having their belief on gold. So it's your belief that it exists and it has some value. Bitcoin was created 8 years back from now in 2009 by a Japanese unknown person called Satoshi Nakamoto. Before I tell you how to earn bitcoin in Pakistan without investment I will tell you where you can store your bitcoins and how transaction takes place!

Bitcoin price in US Dollars is equal to:

What is a bitcoin wallet?

Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan 2018
Bitcoin wallet is something that holds the complete record for the total number of bitcoins that you have like a normal bank account that knows how many money do you have right now or how many have you transferred. The person who have the access for bitcoin wallet knows a specific address that is given to him by the program itself. So he uses that address to buy or sell bitcoins.

Bitcoin wallet is of three types:
  • Mobile Wallet
An app that you keep in your mobile device.
  • Software Wallet
 An open-source software that is installed on your computer.
  • Web Wallet
A website that holds your bitcoins record.

How can you create bitcoin wallet?

Trusted websites for making bitcoin wallets completely free are:
Urdu Bit is the Pakistan's first bitcoin trading website made by Pakistani web developers. So if you live in Pakistan then you can make your free wallet here and can buy or sell bitcoins.

How Transaction takes place?

Earn Bitcoin in Pakistan 2018
Bitcoin transaction is a process that uses encryption methods for transferring values from one bitcoin wallet to another. A lot of you might not be aware of the word "encryption" so encryption is the process of converting information or data into a code for security purposes and for avoiding spams etc. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency means a specific group of people are having the authority for verifying transaction between two bitcoin wallets unlike the bank transactions.

They have huge systems installed that they use for verifying that transaction is being done by the actual owner of wallet and if they successfully verify the transaction then in return they get some of the bitcoins as a reward which is basically called "mining" so here's how you can earn bitcoin by mining. The maximum of bitcoins that have been created are 21Million out of which about 16 Million have been mined.

How can you earn Bitcoin in Pakistan?

 The ways you can earn bitcoin are:
  • You can buy bitcoins.
  • You can earn bitcoin as a reward.
  • You can mine bitcoins.
You can earn milli bitcoins by just viewing ads on a website and no need for any type of investment then you can cash out them when they reach the minimum amount of withdrawal. This is how you can earn bitcoins but this is something I won't recommend you personally because it requires a lot of time and you can't earn a lot of money from it. Apart from that, I am telling you for sure that the website I am telling you about is not a scam and they really pay you money so don't worry about that  CoinBulb:

You can earn bitcoins by just doing some tasks online for example it could be a task of testing an app or downloading it in your phone etc. The platform you can use for it is CoinWorker.  
Everybody is fond of playing games. You play games but have you ever get anything from it? So why not play games for earning money. Here you can earn small amount of bitcoins ChopCoin,

BitforTip is the place where people ask questions and you have to answer them and when you perfectly answer it, in return you get small amount of bitcoins. The more you answer the more you earn. So feel free to give it a chance!

For this you need to have a bitcoin miner installed at your home that need to be working continuously with no power shut down. Just buy it , do some settings and there you go your system is ready to mine bitcoins for you. Here you can buy a bitcoin miner for yourself: 

If you still have some issues regarding this topic then comment in the section given below. I surely will answer.

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