Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips in 2018

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips in 2018

SEO is a short for Search Engine Optimization which means making your blog optimized to be ranked higher in search engines like Google. Whenever you search for some keyword in Google then it has an algorithm that searches and goes through all of the blogs or websites that exist and rank the posts related to your particular keyword.

So in this way you get exactly what you are searching for. Now if you own a blog and you want it to be ranked high in SERP's then first you need to optimize it for the crawlers. This is called On-page SEO. Now the question is why some blogs get high rankings and why some don't? The reason is the difference between page rank.

When Google starts trusting your site then it increases your page rank and in return you get higher search rankings. So the solution is search engine optimization. Now lets see top five Search Engine Optimization tips that can surely skyrocket your rankings in 2018.

If you still have any doubt watch this illustrative video,


1. Title and Meta Description:

Title is the first thing that a user sees in the post so the title of the post must contain the targeted keyword and it should not exceed more than 60 characters because Google doesn't show more than 60 characters in the search results.
 ... What if you write a good quality article but people don't even get to see its title properly in the search engine? Do you think would they dare to click on that? No!

Meta description is the small description of your blog that tells what your blog is exactly about. It appears right below the blog title in search results.

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips in 2018

2. Post Title Search Description:

Search description of the post title is what appears below the post title in the search results and it tells what your post is about. So don't forget to add your post title search description. If you think that Google will itself select post description from your post then you are wrong because post description is also an important factor of SEO.

So don't be lethargic and add at least two three lines for your post description and don't forget to use your targeted keyword at least once in the post description too.

3. Keyword Research:

One of the biggest factor your posts are not ranking high in search results is because you are not doing proper keyword research. Keyword is the first thing that people search for in the search engine and if your post doesn't have any targeted keyword then I am afraid Google is going to throw your post far away. So before publishing a post, do proper keyword research first.

For keyword research I use completely free  Google Keyword Planner
that tells average monthly searches, competition and suggested bid whenever you search for a keyword in the planner.

Average monthly searches tells the average no. of times people have searched for that particular keyword, competition tells whether the no. of advertisers for the keyword are high, low or medium and suggested bid is given in account with CPC (cost per clicks) that advertisers are paying for the keyword.

Apart from that I also recommend you to use Web Text Tool that gives you easy-to-understand suggestions for volume, competition and overall score. Overall score is based on the volume and competition. 
Top 5 Seo Tips in 2018


Headers are also an important SEO tip for optimizing your blog post. Headers are prioritized as H1, H2 and H3. H1 tag is the most important tag in your blog post and that is the title tag. Title is the first thing that a user looks at and trust me Google bots are not going to ignore this tag in your post so you need to have H1 tag for ranking good in search results. 

H2 tag is the second tag and it's the heading tag after title in your post and for telling search engines what your post is about you can't ignore this header. Apart from that your post would also look more appealing to the users or readers by using these headers.

5.Make Images Searchable:

Believe me or not most of the bloggers ignore this tip and then they ask the reason for not ranking high in search results. As we know images are the most attractive thing that a blog post can have but how Google bots would know that what this picture is about? 

Google bots can't read the text inside the image so we need to have ALT TAGS for the images to help the crawlers know what the image is about and rank your post or image according to the description. So for good ranking don't forget to add a an ALT and small description in TITLE. You can do this by clicking the properties of the image whenever you insert an image into the Blogger blog post. 

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips in 2018

I really do hope these top five search engine optimization tips were surely helpful for you. If you still have any query or feedback then you can comment in the section given below. I would love to answer!

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